Are There Any Trustworthy Supplement Companies Left??

Recent news has finally brought to light that most multivitamins are worthless. Either the bottles are full of lies promising that it is full of vitamins and minerals that don't even exist inside the capsules or there is almost 0% absorption of the nutrients inside. In other words, you get nothing but expensive urine and your cells get nothing they want or need. Very few supplement companies have any oversight and unless you know the integrity of the leadership making the supplements the consumer is left with almost no confidence in the supplements they may be spending money on every month.  

There is good news though:

  1. People are finally starting to understand that supporting their cells with good food and supplements goes a long way for preventing diseasing and paying big bucks on the back end with surgeries, hospital stays, heart attacks and the like. 
  2. With good micronutrient testing, people can see what they are lacking and figure out why- insufficient amounts in the diet/supplements or something is off in the absorption area. One example being poor stomach acid preventing absorption of iron and B12.
  3. There are still some reputable companies out there despite how many terrible ones get all the publicity. 

Here are the supplement companies I currently trust and the only vested interest we have in them is that we pay for supplements from them often. If we ever invest in one of the companies, I will update this blog. 


Orthomolecular Products have knocked my socks off. Very few companies have the track record or go to the extent that Ortho does to make sure they have the highest quality supplements available. They sale only to clinicians which in turns up the need for even higher quality due to the scrutiny and need for efficacy with patients who are unwell. As of now you can find some of their products on Amazon but I don't think that will be happening for long as Ortho wants good over-sight and clinician lead supplementation for safety and best use. 

Elementz Nutrition is an up and coming supplement company who's focus in athletic and overall health optimization. They currently carry a premier Mineral Complex to support cellular health and utilization of vitamins from food and supplements. They also carry a high quality grass-fed Whey Protein supplement that aids in muscle recovery and growth as well as supporting glutathione (the master antioxidant) production to support immune health.  Their leadership from the owner to the scientist making the supplements are light years above other companies and doing their best to keep their products as pure as possible. Click through the links above or the logo below to read more about these these products. 

Seeking Health supplements are run by naturopathic physician Dr. Ben Lynch. Dr. Lynch also runs several other sites including and is a leading voice in spreading the word about this important and common genetic mutation. Please see the blog on MTHFR for more information and links to Dr. Lynch's material.  Several of his supplements are pictured below. Visit his site for more information.