Holiday Gift Guides

The Holidays are here and it is a great time to give thoughtful gifts to our friends and family. We put together some fun suggestions below:




1. Instant Pot- This is a kitchen staple! We hardly go a day without using it. It steams, sautees, pressure cooks, and slow cooks. I love that it allows us to make healthy choices and cook our dinner quickly!

2.Primal Palate Organic Spices- These spices are some of our absolute favorite. They are perfect to sprinkle on meat or your veggies to give amazing flavor!

3. Wooden Spoons- It is important to move away from using plastic during cooking to eliminate BPA. Wooden utensils are a great replacement!

4.Celebration- We love Danielle Walker's cookbooks and are so excited for this new cookbook to help recreate some of our holiday favorites!

5.Omega Juicer- This is a slow cold-press juicer that helps protect nutrients and enzymes while you are juicing. It is a great way to add nutrients into your diet or your family's diet. It is also a great way to get kids excited about fruit and vegetables as they help you juice.

6. Zoku- This popsicle maker is awesome! You can add in juice, smoothies, or other mixtures to make popsicles in just minutes!

7. Chemex- This coffee maker is a great way to make smooth, fresh coffee. A must for any coffee connoisseur.  

8. Inspiralizer- We absolutely love this tool to help spirilize our favorite vegetables to use as pasta replacements or to throw in salads. Kids also love eating vegetables like this in such fun and unique shapes!

9. Instant Read Digital Thermometer - This tool is so useful for cooking meat to the perfect temperature! 


1. Yeti Cup- These cups are amazing! They can keep your drinks hot or cold for hours and are a great option to replace plastic water bottles!

2. Charcoal Bar- Charcoal is a great product to help remove toxins from the skin and leave it feeling clean and refreshed! 

3. Fit Bit- This is such a popular item and a great way to see your daily activity.

4. Protein Powder- We love this protein powder. It is gluten and dairy free and a great source of protein for a healthy meal replacement or a filling snack!

5. Eno Hammock - Taking time to relax and enjoy nature is such an important thing to do. With this hammock you can do that just about anywhere! 

6. Wireless Speaker- Perfect for using in the house, outside, or on a picnic!

7. Grilling Cookbook- There really is an art to grilling and this book is invaluable for teaching various techniques and providing some great tips for making amazing meat and veggies on the grill!


1. Eye Shadow and Blush Palette- Eye shadows and blush are often tainted with various heavy metals and numerous toxic chemicals. However, this Beautycounter pallet is a perfect, safe gift available only during the holidays.

2. Yeti tumbler- the perfect way to  keep your morning cup of tea or coffee warm all day!

3. Clean Eating with a Dirty Mind cookbook- the recipes and photography in this book will blow you away! They are all paleo and beyond delicious!

4. Non-toxic nail polish- A great way to enjoy some pampering without all the toxic chemicals!

5. Beautycounter charcoal bar and mask set- Charcoal is excellent for removing environmental toxins from our skin. This holiday set is a fantastic gift that includes a charcoal soap bar and a luxurious charcoal mask. Can't say how much we love this!

6. Kitchen Herb Garden- a fun and cute way to have fresh herbs year round right in your kitchen! 

7. Kingso Water Bottle- It is so important to not use plastic water bottles to reduce BPA chemicals in our every day life. This water bottle looks so cute and is a great safe way to bring water with you everywhere.

8. Eating Evolved Coconut Butter Cups- Eating Evolved makes their chocolate with coconut sugar and the coconut butter is also an excellent source of fat, making it a delicious and much healthier treat. 

Giving gifts to our family and friends gifts is a great way to show love and care, but remember that it is not the reason for this season. Spending valuable time cherishing and serving those we love and making memories together will always be more valuable than any gift we can purchase.

And most importantly, lets be purposeful and take time to stop and remember that God sent His Son into the World as a man to atone for our sins. It is truly the greatest gift that has and ever will be given to us! 

For to us a child is born,
    to us a son is given,
    and the government will be on his shoulders.
And he will be called
    Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God,
    Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.
Isaiah 9:6

Merry Christmas, everyone!