Gas & Bloating- Alternative Holistic Medicine Keller TX

There are two types of gas – either habitual/chronic gas or severe/acute gas. Gas can be nothing more than a sign that you have swallowed some air but it can also be a signal that you are not properly digesting your food. Chronic gas is typically made up of methane. Methane has the unfortunate effect of depleting specific short-chain fatty acids that line a healthy colon. The chronic exposure to methane can increase the likelihood of disease in the colon such as polyps or even cancer.

Symptoms of Gas:
✓ uncomfortable fullness after eating normal amounts of food
✓ distention in the abdomen
✓ abdominal pain
✓ excessive release of gas (i.e. farting)
✓ heartburn

Common Causes of Gas:
✓ GI tract irritation due to excess caffeine,sugar, alcohol or processed oils
✓ nutrient deficiencies
✓ lack of sufficient enzymes
✓ food allergies or sensitivities
✓ insubstantial bile production
✓ stress
✓ bacteria imbalances
✓ Candida
✓ parasites
✓ SIBO (small intestinal bowel overgrowth)

Lifestyle Treatment for Gas:
✓ chew food well
✓ colon massage (following the line of the colon)

Food Treatment for Gas:
✓ slowly increase fiber
✓ consider removing all dairy
✓ soak beans and grains before cooking and/or cook with kombu seaweed
✓ avoid sugar alcohols (sorbitol and xylitol)
✓ consider a low FODMAP diet
✓ do a three-week elimination diet to detect food triggers
✓ introduce digestive herbs such as ginger, fennel, anise and cardamom

Supplemental Treatment to Consider for Gas:
probiotics (start low and increase slowly)
digestive enzymes
✓ activated charcoal
✓ fennel ½-1 tsp; 3x per day
✓ fermented apple cider vinegar with meals

Functional Testing for Gas:
✓ Comprehensive Stool Test for Candida and parasites
✓ Organic Acids Test for yeast, metabolic and overgrowth concerns
✓ Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO) hydrogen breath test

At Stewarding Life Wellness we believe that testing is better than guessing. Yes, there are holistic and alternative ways to treat gas and bloating symptoms but our main goal is to get to the root cause. Let us help you find out WHY you are experiencing these symptoms and then address the issues there. The best way to do this is through the Functional Testing mentioned above. We do In-Person and Remote Consultations. Consider hiring us as your health detectives to search for the deeper causes of your symptoms rather than just living with them or covering them up.