Why Everyone Needs A Functional Nutritionist- Alternative Holistic Medicine Keller TX

Most people know they need to make some dietary changes if they want to feel better and be healthier. Most people also think they know what changes need to happen. The reality is that even a seasoned nutritional minded person needs someone to be their health detective when it comes to optimizing their diet and health. Everyone needs a Functional Nutritionist (FN) at times to help get things back on track. Dietary changes are only part of that solution and FNs are well suited to be your health guide. 


As the saying goes, "You are your own worst counselor." Actually I think it refers to ourselves as our own "worst enemy" but you get the point. We are severely biased when it comes to making changes in our life for the better. We like to think of ourselves as strong and able to take on challenges but when I talk to patient's about removing dairy for 30 days I sometimes get a fearful reply mixed with a little anger about their beloved cheese. They would have never considered that cheese, their best friend, could ever be making them sick. This is just one example of how we need others who are trained in investigating and know the common causes of body and health dysfunction. It may not be a specific food at all. It may be a toxic TV show they watch every night that is breeding negative thoughts making them sick. Again, it's not always about diet. 


A really good question is, "What is a Functional Nutritionist and how is their training different?" This is one of my favorites because I didn't even know this type of nutritional training existed 3-4 years ago. Functional Nutritionist are trained on the same model as Functional Medicine looking at a body systems approach. There is no one size fits all when it comes to diet and they also see nutrition and diet as only one piece of the healing puzzle. They were taught correctly that the American Food Pyramid is trash and that no American needs a foundation of bread and whole grains.  Telling people to eat pasteurized low fat and fat-free dairy loaded with hormones and highly refined pro-inflammatory vegetable oils is making us sicker. I don't know if this book is good but I love the title and the picture and agree with the overall premise. 



Functional Nutritionists are trained to look at how food affects your hormones, weight, cognitive function, blood sugar, heart health, and mitochondrial health. They are looking to get and keep the body in an anti-inflammatory state so that it can heal faster and hurt less. Their food pyramid looks like this with some slight variations for each person. 



Though diet is a huge part of healing and health and should be a main medicine, there is much more a FN can help you with. Eating a perfect diet and avoiding inflammatory and hormone disrupting foods can't fix a broken lifestyle. Toxic thoughts, poor sleep, wrong exercise, toxic exposures, genetics, past life choices, medications, living situation, and foreign travel all have to be assessed and considered when someone is looking at your overall health. Functional Nutritionist know the best tests to recommend you discuss with your Functional Medicine provider and what supplements would be a good foundation for you even before you have lab testing. In other words, they know the right questions to find the answers they need to help you heal that extend far beyond diet alone. Removing certain types of foods may be part of your healing process but learning how to feed you and your family for life. And on top of that how to teach your kids to fight the cultural drift of deadly food pyramids, stress, and sleep-deprivation.

Let Us Help

Life is hard enough as it is without unnecessarily adding more stress from our toxic lifestyles and diets. Stewardship of God's gifts goes well beyond just making wise financial decisions. The internet can be a good source of information or it can lead you down a road of destruction. Find someone help you navigate the health waters who has been trained to treat each person uniquely and individually. A good Functional Nutritionist will change your life. Please reach out to us and get started with one of the packages we offer HERE. But let me highly recommend you consider purchasing the Leaky Gut Test + Nutritional Consultation Package deal. You can complete this start to finish completely Remotely via phone consultations. The Leaky Gut (aka: Increased Intestinal Permeability) test is a great way to see if your symptoms are stemming from something much deeper. Here is a quick overview video I made a few days ago about it.