How to Choose Healthy Proteins

It's common knowledge that organic vegetables are the way to go. They're more nutrient dense, responsibly farmed, and not covered with unhealthy pesticides. However, are organic proteins enough? Unfortunately, no.

Choosing healthy proteins is important for overall health and wellness, and there's more to it than just a "USDA Organic" label. But first, why do we need quality proteins?

Why Choose Properly Raised Proteins?

Proteins are just like vegetables... the better quality they are, they healthier they are! 

Proteins give us so much more than just energy. They're the building blocks of our muscle, hormones, and provide us with essential minerals to keep us strong an healthy. They can also offer high quality fats that help regulate a natural inflammation process.

Eating improperly raised protein is not only unethical but it can contribute to inflammation, and not promote health!

Why Organic Isn't Enough.

Animals are just like us... if they eat unhealthy, they'll be unhealthy. Animals were not meant to eat corn, soy and wheat. Cows were meant to eat pesticide free grass, chickens were meant to eat grass and bugs, and fish were meant to feed on natural sea life. 

Just because an animal was fed "organic" soy and corn... it's still soy and corn which is not a natural nutrient dense diet. 

So, what do you choose?

For beef and dairy, go Grass-fed.

Cows were meant to naturally graze on pasture and eat grass!

Opt for grass-fed butter, milk, and beef. However, but sure to go with a local, trusted source. Grass-fed is not a regulated term, so it can often be misleading.

For chicken, eggs, and pork, go pasture raised.

Free-range, organic, and cage free mean little when it comes to chicken. They're all still in a pen and fed unnatural feed in some capacity.

Chicken and pork can both be high in Omega 6 if fed a poor diet which makes then inflammatory.

Making friends with a local farmer and going pasture raised is the way to go for healthy eggs, chicken and pork!

For fish, go wild-caught.

Farm raised fish is incredibly common and not health promoting. 

Make an effort to source fish that was wild caught for optimal nutrients!