It is Official!

Hello everyone! I am Kim Williamson, PA-C, the newest functional medicine provider at Stewarding Life Wellness!

Mini Sessions- Williamson-0071.jpg

Today, I am taking part in my first #fridayintroductions! A little bit about me. I’m a wife and a mom of three young boys. I had been practicing as a physician assistant in primary care for over nine years and in the clinical setting for about fifteen years prior to joining here. I turned to functional medicine years ago when I myself had health issues. I have a brain tumor where most of it was removed surgically, but a little bit that remains has been stable. Praise Jesus! I also have an autoimmune disease that I have been able to fight with food as my medicine, as well as natural and holistic therapies. My own health journey has given me so much knowledge in how we can take control of our health and use what God has gifted us to heal our bodies. When Jacob reached out to me about this opportunity, I was beyond thrilled! I actually cried and did the happy dance because God had answered this amazing prayer of mine that I had for some time and thought was only in my dreams! My heart was literally jumping inside all day! It just seemed like things fell into place all at the right time. I owe all this to the good Lord in how He has led me to SLW. I love their mission and their heart for people and the community. What a privilege and honor it is to serve alongside this team. Overjoyed and so incredibly grateful!

Some have been waiting and wondering when I would actually get started. Thank you again for your patience and grace during this transition period as the clinic has been busy and growing. We were finally able to move into a bigger and better space this past weekend and I now have my own space at the office! So with that, I am happy to share with you that I have been officially on board as of this past week! If you are interested in being seen for a consult with me as a new patient, please contact the office and we will get you taken care of! I can’t wait to meet you!