Cold and Flu Season

It’s that time of year when illness from the flu is going around. Here are tips:

As soon as you come down with symptoms, make sure you get on top of them as soon as you can so that you can recover quickly. Consistency is also key! What to have on hand to take at first signs of the flu:

- THIEVES essential oil! Diffuse; apply topically. You can put it in your tea or water with Thieves Vitality.
- Oscillococcinum - Homeopathic pellets geared to fighting flu symptoms; A MUST HAVE alternative to the Tamiflu!
- Turmeric Immune ASAP - Elderberry, Echinacea, Ginger, Turmeric, Black Pepper; ANOTHER MUST HAVE alternative to the Tamiflu. You can do the Elderberry syrup too but this is nice since it has extra good ingredients. Elderberry syrup can be taken daily as a preventative during the season.
- Organic herbal teas - for added liquid therapy with herbal extracts
- Apple cider vinegar (1-2 tbs) mixed with lemon, honey in a cup of water (add dash of cinnamon, ginger, cayenne); drink this mixture 3-4+ times a day
- Bone broth
- Kefir or Kombucha
- Probiotic
- Colostrum capsules - supports immune system
- Belladonna - Homeopathic for high fever, headache
- High dose vitamin C
- Lauricidin
- IntraMax all-in-one multi
- Chew a raw clove of garlic morning and night

For the Kids:
- Black Elderberry Syrup - A MUST HAVE for flu. Take as a preventative daily during the season. Increase intake with symptoms.
- Hyland’s Complete Cold ‘n Flu - Homeopathic tablets that dissolve (also in a liquid syrup)
- Colostrum chewables - “Moo chews” - supports immune system
- Higher dose of vitamin C

Essential Oils to use during the sick season:
- Thieves - overall immune support
- Peppermint - tension with the head
- Lemon - cleanses
- Lavender - calms and relaxes
- Panaway - helps ease muscle aches
- Copaiba - helps ease discomfort
- Frankincense - overall wellness
- Purification - cleanses the air
- Tea tree - cleanses, respiratory, digestive and immune support
- R.C. - helps support respiratory system
- Eucalyptus - helps support respiratory system

The majority of these are included in the Premium Starter kit from Young Living, which makes it a great investment in your wellness toolkit!

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