Functional Medicine Services

Provider Consults:

  • 1st Visit (1 hour New Patient Consult):  $295  
    - In-person or Remote by phone

  • 2nd Visit (up to 45-60 minute Follow-up Consult):  $225  
    - In-person (required for lab follow-ups) or Remote by phone

  • 3rd Visit and Following (up to 30 minute Follow-up Consult):  $175
    - In-person or Remote by phone

        * If consultation goes over the scheduled amount of time, patient may be billed for additional time.

        ** For more explanation on what each consult entails, click here!


  • Immediate family members of established patients will enjoy a $50 discount on their initial consultation:
    • $245 for New patient consult (spouse, parent, child, sibling)

                  Note: Children cannot be scheduled within the same hour.  Price is per child.

MESSAGES that require phone consults:

  • *** PLEASE NOTE: Any question that exceeds the limit in the Patient Portal or that would take longer than five minutes of the provider's time to respond to your message will require an appointment by phone.  These will be billed by the amount of time consulted with the provider, but should be no greater than 20 minutes as this would require a follow-up consult fee charge for the appointment.
    • $50 - 10 minutes
    • $75 - 15 minutes
    • $100 - 20 minutes

        * If consultation goes over the scheduled amount of time, patient may be billed for additional time.


  • $100 for New Patients
    • This will be applied to the New Patient Consult fee
  • $50 for Established Patients
    • A credit card number will need to be kept on file.  The $50 fee will only be charged if an appointment is cancelled or rescheduled with less than 2 business days notice.  A full consult fee is charged for a notice of less than 24 hours or no show.

* See Policies page for details on how deposits and appointments are made.


3 Main Labs Recommended:

  • Adrenal Stress Profile (saliva) - $125

  • GI-MAP (stool pathogen test) - $179 deposit, depending on insurance (Pre-pay Cash price $330) 
  • Organic Acids (urine test) - Starts at $189, depending on insurance (Pre-pay cash price $299)
    - Performs as a functional nutrient test

    ** Fees may vary depending upon your insurance plan

Additional Testing if needed:

  • Month long hormone panel - $255

  • Food sensitivity testing - $200-300

  • SIBO Breath Test -  $184

  • NutrEval - if suspecting heavy metal issue - $189 (for most excluding Aetna/Humana, HMOs)

  • SpectraCell - Micronutrient Testing (intracellular wbc) - $190 (Pre-pay w/insurance)

  • Blood draws occasionally needed for completeness if not being done by PCP and these will be billed differently than the functional labs listed above.

Supplement Protocols

$100 - $250 per Month (average)