What is a group visit?

Group Visits are unique opportunities to take healthcare education to a much greater depth. We typically teach for about 45 minutes and save 45 minutes for Q&A. The hope is to also start to build some community among patients that are having similar health concerns. Healing occurs much quicker in this type of setting because people stop feeling like they are on an island and going through their challenge alone. Group Visits are hailed by Time magazine and used by leading medical organizations such as the Cleveland Clinic and Kaiser Permanente to improve outcomes. Group Visits provide healthcare professionals valuable teaching opportunities and give patients the extended practitioner interaction they desire. We will consistently offer the Adrenal Group Visit discussed below and will bring in more topics depending on the patient needs.



Stress can come from numerous sources but all stress can affect the body and your long term health if not kept in check. The Adrenal glands are small almond-sized glands that sit on top of your kidneys and help regulate the stress response. Almost every body system is affected downstream from an uncontrolled stress response and can lead to symptoms such as anxiety, depression, brain fog, sleep disturbance, hormonal imbalances, constipation, diarrhea, weight gain and fatigue. This partial list shows just how important a balanced system really is! We have just completed our first Group Visit and will be announcing next month's date in the near future. It was a full house and a great time of learning together! Spots are limited to 6-8 patients and the cost per person is $50. An additional benefit to attending this unique opportunity is that you can leave the seminar with an Adrenal Stress Profile salivary test kit and now be considered a patient having already had your initial consult. Follow up visits will be $175 instead of the normal new patient consult at $225!
Please reserve your seat as soon as possible and start learning how to Steward Your Life Well!

Next group visit is Saturday June 25th, 2pm-4pm!

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