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Along with professional grade supplements that you can find online at Fullscript, we also offer additional products in our store.



The scientific literature supporting the use of essential oils is astounding!  We are doing our best to keep up with the research and teach others how to use these powerful, natural tools in everyday life.  Essential oils not only have medicinal benefits, but they also make great alternatives to the many toxic cleaners, personal care products, and fragrances surrounding us daily.

Young Living is a producer of the world's highest quality oils and natural wellness products.  It has brought together a community of people pursuing optimal health, purposeful natural living, and greater abundance through the use of all that nature has provided us with.

Come by the clinic to try out some of our tester bottles, and we have items for purchase as well.  We also offer classes for those who are interested in learning more.  Check the Events page for upcoming dates.  Contact kim@stewardinglifewellness.com for more info.



We are passionate about living a healthy, balanced, and toxic-free lifestyle.  We strive to eat healthy food that supports our health, we use safe cleaning products in our home, exercise, sleep well and meditate often.  However, one thing that is easily overlooked in the pursuit of health are the cosmetics and personal care products we use daily such as lotions and make up.  It is so important to be mindful of the things we are putting IN our bodies, but also equally important to consider what we are putting ON our bodies.

We believe in the importance of removing toxins from our lives, and would love to help you find the best products that will continue to support your best life.  Beautycounter has extremely rigid third party testing, a "Never List" of over 1500 ingredients they never use, and the strictest heavy metal standards in the industry.  Not only do we love the quality of their products, we also are impressed with their mission as a company.

We do have a several products at the clinic for you to sample, as well as some that you can purchase.  Contact nutrition@stewardinglifewellness.com for more info.



Naturally based anti-aging hair care, MONAT features powerful active botanicals and bio-functional catalase that serve to protect your hair strands from harmful UV as well as prevent it from thinning.  Their products also contain free radical neutralizers that keep hair looking and feeling naturally healthy.  Using an exclusive blend of vitamins, minerals, and proactive amino acids, the treatment is focused to combat oxidative stress by replacing essential nutrients and repairing damage.  With regular use, your hair will bounce back to its youthful glow and brilliance along with long-lasting conditioning results.  We have seen amazing results from using their products and we want to share them with you.

At our retail store front, we offer samples of the Intense Repair Treatment Shampoo and Restore Leave-In Conditioner for you to take home and try.  Contact nutrition@stewardinglifewellness.com for more info.


These are products that we like to carry at the clinic that are not available at our online dispensary Fullscript.

Please check with the office to make sure that we have items in stock by calling or emailing first.

Jigsaw magnesium

Ancient Minerals Magnesium



Immune Tree Colostrum

Argentyn 23 Silver


Mary's Nutritionals


JIGSAW ELectrolyte