ITOVI Wellness & Nutrition Scan

For everyone who has a goal to improve your overall well-being, the iTOVi Scanner is a health and wellness tool that provides a list of top oils and supplements your body has a response to.

The iTOVi is the industry's leading nutrition scanner.


Every cell in your body, every single living thing, has a vibrational frequency.  When we consume things that have frequency (such as plants), we can increase our body's frequency which will increase our health.

- Processed food: 0 MHz, meaning it does nothing positive for your health
- Raw, real food (things that are alive) are the only foods that will raise your frequency
- Healthy human body frequency: 62+ MHz
- Illness starts at 57-60 MHz
- Our bodies are receptive to cancer at 42 MHz
- Death begins at 25 MHz
- Essentail oils have frequencies as well, which can help raise our bodies’ frequency.  They range from 52-320 MHz.  The essential oils with the highest frequencies are Rose (320 MHz), Helichrysum (181 MHz), and Frankincense (147 MHz) and oils have many medicinal benefits.
- One of the most important modalities of essential oils is their ability to raise our body’s frequency to a level where disease can be difficult to exist.


iTOVi is a bioimpedance measuring device that determines your body’s reaction to frequencies recorded in essential oils and essential-oil infused supplements.  During a scan, the iTOVi uses bioimpedance technology by sending frequency characteristics to the body one at a time and measuring the body’s response to each.  iTOVi then produces a report that ranks your reactions to each frequency, listing in order the products to which the body had the strongest response.

Bioimpedance can also be described using the terms galvanic skin response or electrodermal activity.

About the scanner

- It combines temperature, pressure sensor, and Bluetooth technologies to generate personalized wellness evaluations.

- Using the recommended products displayed on your scan report may be beneficial for your overall wellness.

- The Health Triad is a sorting mechanism that was implemented to help convey balance and address three important aspects of overall health and well-being: Physical, Environment, and Emotional.

In summary, iTOVi is a reaction-tracking nutritional device.  The iTOVi does not diagnose your body in any way, rather, it displays your body’s response to a frequency-like stimulus that is found naturally in essential oils and supplements offered by Young Living.



WITH SCAN - $75 Initial / $50

  • A great option for those who are not yet ready for or who are waiting to get a functional medicine consult, but want to get a head start with their wellness journey.
  • Recommended for those who are beginners with Young Living essential oils and supplements.
  • Recommended for those who need extra guidance on their health and wellness.
  • A scan takes about 2-3 minutes to run.  The provider will go over the report and come up with a plan of recommendations (diet, lifestyle, supplementation) based on your top symptoms.
  • The report will be emailed to you as well.
  • No diagnosis will be made.  This is to help guide patients on their personalized wellness journey based off of their symptoms and report.  This functions as a health coach consult and NOT a functional medicine consult.  See more info below.



  • A scan takes about 2-3 minutes and your report will be briefly explained to you.  
  • The report will be emailed to you as well.
  • Good for those who know about Young Living oils and supplements.


  • For both options, scans will only be offered during specified times.  Please email to make an appointment.
  • It is recommended that you wait at least between 3-4 weeks before getting another scan to allow time for you to use the products recommended.


  • Email to set up an appointment time.


By doing a scan, you specifically authorize the health coach at Stewarding Life Wellness to perform a health analysis with the Scanner and to develop a natural, complementary health improvement program which may include dietary guidelines, nutritional supplements, etc. in order to assist in improving your health, and NOT for the treatment, or "cure" of any disease.

Understand that the Scanner is a safe, non-invasive, natural method of analyzing the body's physical and nutritional response, and that deficiencies or imbalance in these areas could cause or contribute to various health problems.

Understand that the Scanner is NOT a method for "diagnosing" or "treating" of any disease including conditions of cancer, infections, or other medical conditions, and that these are not being tested for or treated.

No promise or guarantee has been made regarding the results of the Scan or any natural health, nutritional or dietary programs recommended, but rather understand that the Scanner is a means by which the body's natural reflexes can be used as an aid to determining possible nutritional imbalances, so that safe, natural programs can be developed for the purpose of bringing about a more optimum state of health.